Technical Product Management

Effective Product Implementation Aligned with Your Business Strategy.

End-to-end Product Solutions that Meet Both Market and Client Needs - The majority of product companies have a strong need for effective and successful product implementation in alignment with their business strategy. CrystalNet's Technical Product Management Service has been designed to address this challenge and includes:

  • Defining product requirements (functional requirements, user stories/flows, feature enhancements, defects, etc.)
  • Creating comprehensive UX strategy documents to accompany product requirement documents
  • Effective communication and collaboration as a part of cross functional team
  • Addressing product backlogs and generating product roadmaps
  • Working with internal and external customers to understand use cases and ensure that the development organization has sufficient information to develop the software
  • Providing a technical vision for the product and interacting with internal and external customers to understand problems, offer solutions or log feature requests
  • Building positive relationships and trust, as well as exceeding expectations through on-time delivery, high quality and continuous innovation
  • Conducting technology and vendor assessments including build vs buy analysis
  • Identifying and planning product improvement
  • Our Technical Product Management Service is available as a standalone option or as part of a larger Product
  • Development Service, depending on your product goals.

We use our technical skills to improve project prioritization and plan complex timelines, as well as to synchronize teams across our organization and deploy the right methodologies. Our expertise allows us to take responsibility for the product, make technical decisions, analyze and choose the right technology, define timelines, milestones and team staffing, and share business and technical risks with our client on a product level.

Technical Product Managers' responsibilities include:

  • Strategy
  • Engineering Innovation
  • Product Roadmap (technology and release roadmaps)
  • Risk Mitigation and Contingency Planning
  • Prioritization
  • Support "Voice Of Market"
  • Short-Term/Long-Term
  • Execution
  • Ownership of Execution Process.